Autumn Essentials

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Summer was a blast, but I’m so excited to hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet and feel the chill of cold air as the seasons start to change. Here are some of my essentials for this awesome time of year. Enjoy and make sure to let me know what you’re loving this season!




Yay it’s Fall, and that means layering! I love to mix and match different pieces in my closet because I always end up stumbling across a new outfit I didn’t even know I had. Right now I’m totally loving this orangey, caramel, suede shirt (I mean, seriously, how cute is that top?!)


And of course thick, cozy sweatpants are a must if you want to stay warm at night!


Tote bags and purses are cute, but I always go back to backpacks like this one by Vera Bradley when the school year rolls around again. Cute and functional, this quilted backpack has a padded laptop sleeve built right in and tons of pockets for whatever you choose to carry.


Now that the Summer heat is giving way to the cooler Autumn breeze, I find myself reaching for my heat styling tools more and more. I love this curling iron because the wide barrel means that you can straighten your hair or curl it.


After a Summer filled with bright, neon colors, I’m kicking it back into neutral with some deeper nails this season. I’m currently loving ­­­­­­Dressed To Kill by Maybelline because the wine color is absolutely gorgeous and the formulation is to DIE for (do you see what I did there? huh? huh? :D)


If you’re pressed for time in the morning before class, a quick coat of mascara is all you need to make your eyes stand out. And if last night’s study session left your peepers bright red and ragged, I’ve found a nude eyeliner can really help tone down those zombie eyes.


While I do love me a good red lip, I usually go for something a bit more neutral on days when I have to head off to class. These products are creamy and when you wear them over a thin layer of lip balm, the colors will last you the whole day.


Back to school shopping just makes me so happy. What can I say, stationary, pens, pencils- it all just gets me excited for the new school year to begin! I’m loving these bright mechanical pencils the most!


After a Summer spent writing Post-it note lists (and then loosing those Post-it note lists!) I’m so happy to move back into my planner for the school year. And to make things even more fun, I’ve stepped up my game this year with some washi tape and stickers. If that doesn’t make you want to plan the week, I don’t know what will!


Fall just wouldn’t be Fall without a warm, rustic candle burning in the room. Yankee does an amazing scent called Absolutely Autumn, which is basically October in a jar (and who WOULDN’T want that?!)


And of course a good book is an essential for me all year round!

Happy Fall everyone!


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