The FUSE Conference 2015

Version 2

In the past when I’d heard the word publishing, I thought of binding, bookmarks, and deckled edges. I’d imagined selecting a spine with an arched index finger and tipping it from the shelf, ready to flip through pages sewn together by the hands of a hard-working publisher.

I’ll admit, I romanticize things a bit.

I pictured Christian Bale pedaling Pulitzer’s printing press in the basement late at night. I dreamt about assembling hardcover jackets, manually bending the thick flaps around each copy of a barefaced book.

And while this idea of the publishing trade still fills me with a sense of happy nostalgia, I can’t ignore that fact that things have changed.

Because publishing is no longer a trade. It’s an entire industry.

Spending time this year at the FUSE conference has allowed me to pull back the curtain and get a better look at the digital publishing world. Whether it is through eBooks or blogs like the one you’re reading right now, I’m so happy that publishing has expanded into all areas of this digital world because it gives people everywhere access to the stories being told.

And now I realize that it doesn’t matter if my pages are digital or deckled, so long as I can go out as a figure in the publishing world and bring these stories to others.


Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.55.04 PM


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