Winter Essentials

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Whether you’re up for a romp in the snow, or you just want to stay inside and relax, let’s make this winter amazing! Here are my essentials when the temperature drops.


Obviously I will be needing a thick wool sweater to wear underneath my jacket when I venture outside. I’ve paired mine with this cute knitted hat, a reliable pair of blue jeans, and my best waterproof boots to keep my toes nice and dry!


But for those days where fashion trumps function, I’ll go for a lighter weight sweater, like this white one, and a simple pair of black pants. Throw on a vest and a pair of fuzzy boots, and I’m good to go.


For just chilling at home, this flannel is a great way to stay warm and comfortable. With a loose gray tee and some broken in skinny jeans the outfit is complete. Oh, and don’t forget the riding boots!


But sometimes even a day at home turns into a quick trip out. My trusty garb this winter is this knitted bobble hat and scarf. They’re super cozy (and not itchy at all!)


Before I run out the door though, I have to make sure I slip on this amazing gift from Mommy Dearest. There’s nothing better in winter than throwing on a headband and set of gloves made for you by someone who loves you!




After my battle with the cold, I like to moisturize my hands to keep them from getting dry in the winter months. This one smells like mint and vanilla. Mmmmmhhhmmm.


And why not show your nails some love, too, while you’re at it? These are the colors I’m loving this season. The gold glitter brings any standard color to life and the others are classics in my book.


For makeup this season I’m loving a dark lip and warm skin. This NYC bronzer in Sunny allows me to look like an actual human being when really I’m paler than Edward Cullen. Vampi-wish-I-was-kidding…



Going out is fun, but one of the very best parts in my opinion is what happens when you come home. My favorite thing to do after a chilly day out is to get cozy in a nice set of pajamas. And check out those homemade slippers! (another Mommy Dearest original…)


Right, now it’s time to get that kettle kickin! A sprinkle of cinnamon atop a covering of marshmallows turns one ordinary cup of hot chocolate into a heavenly treat.


Warm beverage in hand, I’m slinking over to this awesome little reading nook I’ve created. Let’s see what I have.


It all starts with a good blanket. This one is crazy fuzzy and really, really big. It’s the perfect thing to get wrapped up in for extra warmth!


If you’re anything like me, sometimes you like to have some music on while you chill. Today I’m jamming with my pal John Mayer.


And, of course, this relaxing afternoon wouldn’t be complete without a book!


Candles make everything better (seriously though…). This one makes the entire room smell like a warm batch of freshly iced cookies. And. I. Love. It.


So those are my winter essentials and a look at how I spend my chillier afternoons. I had such a fun time bringing you along and I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, let me know in a comment and tell me what your winter essentials are!


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