Acquisition Announcement: Rex


Pssssttttt. I have a secret.

I’m about to give you the very first look at some extremely exciting news.

Today, I’ve teamed up with the owners of Common Deer Press to announce their newest middle grade acquisition, Rex. Here’s a sneak peek of the novel:

When eleven-year-old TJ finds a weird looking egg in the Florida Everglades after a tropical storm rips through, naturally he takes it home for identification. It could be the egg of a mutant duck or something, which would be awesome. Problem is, the egg doesn’t look like it came from a mallard, even a mutated one—it’s too big and heavy and…strange. So he hides it away in his closet and continues on with his life as usual, doing his best to ignore the creepy men constantly banging at his front door and the significant rise in military helicopter sightings in his typically quiet neighbourhood.

Then one day he comes home from school and it’s as though a hand grenade has gone off inside his bedroom. Suddenly, TJ knows he’s dealing with something a little more interesting—and a little more deadly—than a duck.

How intriguing does that sound? I’m stoked! Now let’s meet the trio of authors behind the project, Cody B. Stewart, Mark Rogers, and Adam Rocke Slutsky:

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.29.22 PM

Cody was born in the Adirondacks, in Upstate New York. His love of stories began in those mountains as he vanquished trolls, fought in the American Revolution and discovered his latent mutant powers. Stories have continued to consume his life, but he now plucks them out of his head and puts them down on paper in the form of novels and comic books. He left the Adirondacks to grow into a man, did so, and has since returned with a wonderfully supportive wife and two sons.

Mark’s career as a travel journalist has brought him to 56 countries and counting. These trips have fed his imagination while at the same time provided authentic experiences and sensory detail that find their way into his novels and screenplays. Mark’s won multiple awards for his travel writing, including an award for his Hurricane Ivan coverage in Jamaica. His work regularly appears in USA Today and other media outlets. Mark lives in Baja California with his Sinaloa-born wife, Sophy, where they recently built a rock house overlooking the sea.

Adam never met an adventure he didn’t love. From swimming with great white sharks without a cage, to jumping out of a plane without a parachute, Adam’s adrenaline junkie tendencies play a major role in his writing. Throw in a secondary degree in CryptoZoology and it’s anyone’s guess where Adam’s literary travels will take him.

A huge congratulations goes out to Cody, Mark, and Adam for all the wonderful work they’ve put into this project so far! Rex will hit the shelves in the spring of 2017. Until then, if you want to follow along with Rex and be the first to get special updates on the book, check out the links below:



Twitter: @AHerdOfDeer

I also want to send a huge thank you to the awesome people at Common Deer Press for giving me the honor of releasing this announcement to the public. As my readers, you’ve been the absolute first group to hear about Rex. If you want more first looks like this in the future, let me know in the comments!

And lastly, tell all the middle grade readers you know to get ready. Because Rex is coming.


Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.55.04 PM


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