InHuman Cover Reveal


They never get old. Cover reveals. Cover reveals. Cover reveals.

I love promoting other authors’ new releases so much that today I’m bringing you another special cover reveal.

Here’s a little bit about Kama Falzoi Post’s upcoming YA sci-fi thriller, InHuman:

Mira’s mother sizes up bodies at the morgue like she’s rifling through the sales rack: this one’s too big… this one’s too small… ah, here it is. Just right. The perfect vessel for the one they’ll call Adam.

Since Adam’s survival is the key to drawing out the Conduit—a slippery sort bent on evacuating souls from their human bodies—Mira must help him pass for a typical teenage boy. That means showing him how to talk right, walk right, chew with his mouth open… blend in.

Ironic, because blending in is has always been a challenge for Mira, especially with hair the color of a Dorito. But at their small, secluded prep school, blending in is a matter of life and death.

Because the Conduit is watching.

Kama Falzoi Post is super excited to share her novel with you all. To keep up with Kama in the weeks leading up to her book release, check her out on social media.

Where you can find Kama:


Twitter: @KamaPost

Facebook: @KamaFalzoiPost

Goodreads: Kama Post

Now. Are you ready for a look at this beautiful cover? Here we go!


Thanks for stopping by today! To support Kama, share this post with your friends and fellow readers. You can also tell her what you think about the cover for her upcoming YA sci-fi thriller by visiting her using the links above.

What are our thoughts on the InHuman cover? Do we like it? Are we interested in reading the novel when it drops in December of 2016? Let others know what you think in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day.


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