Fifty States Of Fiction: Arizona

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We can’t always travel to the places on our bucket list. But we can go there with books! I started the Fifty States Of Fiction challenge with the aim of reading one book from every state in the country. Each week in 2017 I’ll be here to talk about a different state, share with you some geographical fun facts, and explore how a novel, play, or personal narrative captures the essence of the area. Want to follow along? Check out this free printable calendar I’ve created just for you! Let’s get started!


Today’s State: Arizona

Nickname: Grand Canyon State

Motto: “God Enriches”

Bird: Cactus wren

Flower: Saguaro cactus blossom

Entered the union in: 1912

Now, pack your bags everybody. We’re about to explore Arizona as Stephenie Meyer portrays it in The Host.


Wanderer/Melanie runs from the civilized soul society, desperately searching for Jamie and Jared, the last remaining visages of her human life. But when she stumbles across a hidden cave system in the middle of the Arizona desert, she is thrown before an entire cell of human resistance. The cave tunnels are musty and moist. The space is dark, save for sporadic holes in the rock ceiling. Soon, Melanie’s body becomes covered in the dark purpley brown soot that clings to the cavern walls. She is forced to sleep in a prison cell: a tiny, shallow bowl in the rock face. The jagged rock scratches her skin. The tiny cubby crumples her spine. Eventually, she finds her place within the community. They are slow to trust the soul. The silver light behind her human eyes reminds them of the danger they face. But they need Melanie’s body. They let her tend the soil in the northeast field. They watch suspiciously while she eats with the others in the kitchen. Eventually, her enemies get their chance. But when humans attempt to fight back against the soul takeover, they quickly realize just how blurry the line between human and soul can be.

Have you read any other books set in Arizona? Have you traveled there yourself? Make sure to let me know what the Grand Canyon State means to you in the comments! Check back here next week to explore Arkansas through literature.

And remember, if you want to keep up with our schedule as we travel the country, you can download my free printable calendar.

See you all next week!


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